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Square is new black

I'm not sure about you, but I reckon online shopping can be incredibly confusing! Particularly when it comes to size of things. I'm a very "hands on" kinda gal and describing the size of a room in direct relation to "capacity", the distance point A to point B in a unit of measurement, or even the weight of something without a physical comparison fucks me completely! So … here's a little time-laps video of me framing up 16x20" print of Cosmic Psychos at All Good In The Wood from 2015. The frame is 24x24" square with super slick white matte. Nice. See for yourself. The 16x20s look rad framed up in these!

Affordable framing available on request. Please add a message with your purchase to inquire about framing. We will reply super fast. Frames are made to order, so please allow up to 8 working days for delivery on all framed prints. 


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